Instructions on how to book your tickets:


1. Click on the show you wish to see, either on the main screen or from the 'Upcoming Shows' column

2. Read the terms and conditions at the top of the page. You may also wish to read the additional terms and conditions that are relevent to your hosting society on the 'Terms and Conditions' page.

3. Select your seats. Click on every seat that you wish to book. If you are using a tablet or phone, you may have to slowly double click the seat to select it until it drops into your basket. We cannot see your cookies and settings on your device to give you exact information, so please ensure all your required tickets go into your basket.


4. Click CHECKOUT from your basket.

5. If you havent used our system before, you will have to click CONTINUE on the NEW CUSTOMER section. Otherwise enter your existing username/email and password into the RETURNING CUSTOMER section.

6. Enter the details as appropriate. Please note: Tickets are NOT posted to your address, we simply ask for your address for billing purposes of the card you are paying with.

7. You will then be taken to the STRIPE payment page to pay for your tickets, (STRIPE is our card payment provider) please enter your details carefully to ensure a successful payment - you will be prompted if payment fails.



8. Complete the process - you will be sent a confirmation email immidiately to the email account you created your account with. There will be a link in the email stating LINK TO TICKETS / GET TICKETS HERE. Initially, this link may not work until your tickets have been authorised. If this is the case, when clicked it will state E-Tickets not available. This link will work 48 hours after purchase, you will receive a fresh email when authorised. Ensure you check your junk/spam folders.


9. Within 48 hours, your tickets will be authorised if you have NOT left a single seat gap and payment has been successful. You can either click the link in your confirmation email or login to your account. 

(If logging into your account online, you will need to click MY ACCOUNT - MY ORDERS - (Select your order) - GET TICKETS HERE

Please ensure you bring your barcoded tickets with you to the venue for scanning to gain entry. Do NOT bring your booking confirmation email, we need the barcoded tickets. You can print off your tickets at the Venue, but you will be subject to a 50p per ticket printing fee**

**We accept printed barcoded tickets or barcoded tickets on your mobile device. We DO NOT ACCEPT printed/viewed email confirmation. 


If you are struggling to book online or wish to amend your tickets/account over the phone,

please contact us Monday-Thursday 4pm-7pm on 0161 327 2781 (Option 2) 

*** THE OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED ON PERFORMANCE DAYS and you will not be able to call the team - please head to the theatres box office early ***